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Catalina Pharma is a startup pharmaceutical company that is focused on pharmacological treatment of intraoperative hypothermia


Amol Patwardhan, MD, PhD
Andrej Romanovsky, MD, PhD
Frank Porreca,
William Schmidt,

Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Medical Officer


Amol is a practicing anesthesiologist/pain physician and a pharmacologist with years of experience in TRPV1 pharmacology. He is a PI on funded  preclinical and clinical studies.

Relevant paper

VP and Chief Scientific Officer-Thermoregulation


Andrej’s lab has discovered the mechanisms of the hypether-mic response to TRPV1 antag-onists. Andrej consulted for 6 big pharma TRP programs. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Temperature

Relevant papers

VP and Chief Scientific Officer-Pain

Frank is an internationally recognized preeminent pain pharmacologist with over 500 publications who has served as a consultant to dozens of pharmaceutical companies

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President and CEO

Bill is a preclinical and clinical pharmacologist, inventor, and entrepreneur who has worked in pain medicine and anesthesia throughout his career and has helped to bring 6 drugs to the market.

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